University Management System

Student Portal

Admission (Online Payment gateway integrated)
   Online Admission/Registration
   Student Admission information Entry
   Student Admission information Verification and Approval
   Student Admission Fee Collection via Online/Off line Payment,
   Registration Form fill up and Online Payment

   Student Admission Fee Collection Notification via email and SMS
   Admission Exam Schedule Notification via email and SMS
   Admission Result Notification via email and SMS
   Registration Fee Collection Notification via email, SMS
   Student wise detail SMS

Student Dash Board
   Students Login Panel
   Students Dashboard
   Student class attendance
   Payment Details/History
   Online Course fee payment
   Student class test and assignment
   Student enrollment information
   Student Class Routine
   Student exam information/Routine
   Student result information
   Students academic history
   Students parental and details information
   Students subject wise class lecture
   Students admission result publication
   Students registration publication
   Students exam result publication
   Faculty Evaluation
   Print Admit Card
   Alumni Membership Application
   Reports of students all

Lecturer Portal

   Online Expression of Interest (EOI) to Act as a Lecturer
   Lecturer Information Details

   EOI receive notification
   Lecturer Dash Board
   Lecturer Login Panel

Lecturer Dash Board
   Basis Information
   Payment Details
   Class Routine
   Exam Routine
   Add assessment marks for each students
   Subject wise class lecture upload

Administrator Portal

   Login Panel
   Admin dashboard

   Create user type
   Create user type
   Authenticate user group
   Admin View
   Configure fee type
   Centre entry
   Configure session, level, subject, class room, time etc.

Admission Students
   Applicant List
   Exemption Applicant List
   Receive Payment (Online/Offline)
   Admission Result/Selection
   Receive Admission Payment
   Receive Exemption Payment
   Exemption Approval

Lecturer selection
   List of EOI
   Subject wise EOI
   Selected Lecturers

Class Management
   Section and Class room configuration
   Routine configuration
   Class scheduling and location allocation and teacher assigning
   View Class Routine
   Assign Students to Sections
   Student class attendance
   Student class test and assignment collection
   Class Teacher Attendance
   Class Reports

Lecturer Management
   Lecturer assigning to level, subject and classes
   Lecturer assigning to exam hall
   Lecturer assigning for exam scripts
   Lecturer exam payment and approval
   Lecturer assigning to level and classes
   Lecturer Assessment Creation
   Lecturer Assessment Configuration
   Lecturer Assessment Result Collection
   Lecturer Assessment Reports

Exam Management
   Admission Exam Scheduling
   Admission Exam Question Submission, Collection and Fix up
   Admission Exam duty setup, Seat arrangements
   Admission Exam Script collection and Distribution
   Admission Exam Script Mark collection SMS
   Exam (course wise) scheduling
   View Exam Schedule
   Exam Duty Scheduling
   View Exam Duty Schedule
   Student class information verification
   Issue student exam admit card
   Seat planning
   Exam attendance for students
   Exam script collection
   Exam script distribution
   Exam result collection form examiners
   Result completion and manipulation

Result Management
   Result Entry
   Result Verification
   Result Approval
   Result Publication
   Batch Result
   Student Overall Result

   Cash Accounts
   Chart of Accounts
   Investor/Donor Entry
   Invest/Donation Entry
   Expenses Entry
   Incomes Entry
   Journals View
   Ledgers View
   Trail Balance View
   Purchase-Sales View
   Expense-Incomes View
   Balance-Sheet View
   Cash-Book View
   Check Cash Accounts
   Voucher Entry
   Student Receipt Voucher
   Voucher posting
   Voucher query
   Fund Transfer
   Journal Correction
   Suppliers List
   Suppliers Details and Payments
   Suppliers Payment Collection
   All types of Accounts Reports

HR Management (Biometric Device Integrated )
   Leave application entry
   Leave application approve
   Leave Authorization
   Approved leave list
   Leave Registration
   New Employee
   View Employee List
   Employee Attendance
   Assign New Task
   Task Response
   Assign Employee Salary Scale
   Leave All Reports

   Scale Types, Scale and assign scale
   Salary Payment
   Advance Salary
   All Reports

   Purchase Orders
   Approve PO
   Product Receives
   Purchase Return
   Purchase All Reports

   Authorized Users
   Stock Transfer
   Stock Reports

SMS Management
   SMS Recharge, History and Verification
   SMS Configuration for various purpose
   SMS searching / List of send SMS
   SMS sending and Manipulation
   Reports of SMS

Library Management
   Books Location
   Borrow Books
   Return Books
   Borrow History
   Library History
   Books Entry (Barcode Integrated)
   Location Entry
   Resource Category
   Create Labels
   Library Settings

Alumni Portal
   Member login panel
   Dash board
   My academic details
   Program and Events
   My Financials
   Alumni Member List

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