Restaurant Management System

A Web based solution, providing the following features:

The main objective of is to develop a client/server model, which deals with “Online Restaurant Management System”. The system has two parts first for the User and the other for the Management side.

The User side allows the customer to view menu list according to the time of delivery he desires and serve meal for that specific time, and at the management side the staff is allowed to edit information regarding menu list, price, assigning cook, maintain information regarding the orders placed, etc.

a.    Search Menu according to the time of order delivery:

During login, the User has to enter the time of delivery, and the menu items will appear accordingly. As availability of items differ from time to time.


b. Allow to search menu according to price and category:

User can search menu according to price range and the category as well, this functionality will be working as a search under search, i.e. first search criteria will be time of order delivery (which is default for all cases) and the later will be search within those menus according to price and category.

c.    Allow to book/cancel order:

Allowing customer to place an order or allowing him to cancel the placed booking.

Management Specifications:

a.      Edit Menu records:

A manager can edit/create some or whole part of the menu record on daily basis. That is by changing the menu items, prices, description, etc.

A manager can reassign the cook for a specific order or an item, originally the system assigns the cook automatically when an item is booked using some distribution fashion i.e. round robin fashion.

So a member can reassign the cook if such situation arrives.

c.   Cancellation the order: 

A manager can cancel of the order, this situation comes when the something goes wrong with working or in some unusual situations.

e. Blocking specific customer:

A manager can block a particular customer before signing up. This happens when the customer’s previous history is bad, i.e. if he does not come up to take his orders which were ordered previously.

Customer info:-

This table keeps the record of the customer’s information before user logs on, he fills up a form that guides him how he can become a member.

Other information includes customer Name, contact no, Address and status, the later tells him about whether the member is blacklisted or locked.

Menu :

The name insists, it contains the information of all menus and its related matter, Each menu is uniquely identified by its Item). The purpose here is to provide customers all the information regarding menu


Such as Name (item), Description, Category, price and status (to check customer, whether that item is currently available or Not!!).

Later, at the management’s point of view, we provide user (uniquely selected by management staff) to alter the contents of table.

Ordered Item:

This table provides information to the management staff regarding the uniquely generated order, which may contain one or more menu item uniquely identified by Item.

Apart from this, the management can check/alter the status of the order along with, they can alter the cook/s which was previously assigned to fulfill the order this can be done by the management staff by logging in with User.

From customer’s perspective, customer can check the status of his order in detail i.e. the status of each item in his order from this table as well as the quantity he ordered, the later can also be helpful at the management side.


This table tells about the Order, who has placed the order and gives details about the time when order was placed and the time when the order will be delivered; along with the status of the order .

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